Dr. Mostafanejad got his degree in dentistry from University of Tehran and has an implant and maxillofacial surgery mastership from ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantology).

Dr. Mostafanejad from 2005, clinical work experience combined with research and is the first developer of “stressless dental care”. The goal in stressless dental care is to offer dental care services with the least amount of pain and discomfort and highest quality.

Factors that mainly cause stress in people in dental centers include: inappropriate environment that reminds a painful treatment, lack of information about the procedure they are going through, painful experiences of the past due to Weakness in obtaining deep anesthesia and most importantly the injection process itself. In the stressless dental care system, we eliminate these factors. According to surveys conducted in patients treated with this system, stress and discomfort significantly decreased during the treatment and after a few sessions, the fear of dentistry has largely disappeared.

Dr. Mostafanejad team is trying to provide the best result for the patients by using the most advanced equipment and the most modern methods of dentistry in implant, veneer, bleaching, periodontal surgeries and endodontics. The high rate of satisfaction in our dear clients is the proof of our success in achieving our goals.

If you need high quality dental care services, if you are afraid of dental treatments, if you have a bad experience with past treatments, if you have a particular problem with dental treatment…… We suggest that you consult with our experts, and hope by providing scientific advice and performing high-quality services, you also join our large family of patients.

متخصص ایمپلنت دکتر اشکان مصطفی نژاد


Implant is a thin pin made of pure Titanium that is compatible with human body. Implants are placed in the jawbone. Currently it is the best method to replace missing teeth. With taking care of the implant and your good oral hygiene you can make sure that implants last as long as possible. Implants are also very effective on your smile.


Veneer is a layer of material that is placed on tooth to improve its color, shape, form or height. Sometimes it is used to fill the gap between teeth or modify a broken tooth. Some veneers are made of composite dental restorations in the dentist’s practice.


Bleaching means whitening teeth with certain material that have oxidizing properties. These materials are often derivatives of Hydrogen Peroxide. When bleaching is done, materials infiltrate the crystal structure of dental enamel and oxidize the sediment pigments in it. After a while, the Hydrogen Peroxide derivatives penetrate dentine under the enamel and brighten it too.

Tooth Restoration

Tooth restoration is a method for removing damaged and decayed tooth and replacing it with special dental restorative materials. An ideal restoration should:

  • Correct the cavity caused by decay or fracture of the tooth.
  • Restore the beauty and ability to chew that is lost due to decay.
  • Prevent re-infection and advance decay in the future.

Check-Ups and Health Education

In addition to treating disease, one of the most common tasks in every medical and health care center is to prevent future problems. This task is done in many ways in dental care centers. In the following, the most important of these methods will be mentioned.

Fixed and removable prosthetics

There are two kinds of prosthetics for the teeth: fixed and removable. Fixed prosthetics include crowns and bridges that attach to the teeth. And the removable prosthetics consists of complete dentures and parsils.

By using the most advanced methods of the day in implant, veneers, bleaching, periodontal surgeries and endodontics and also, by developing a stress-free dental treatment, Dr. Mostafanejad dental care center is proven to be the best choice for treating oral and dental problems. Our treatment team with more than 12 years of clinical experience will provide the best dental experience for patients.

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